NEXT AWAY TIME 12 to 21 MAY, 10 JUNE to 3 JULY.

Welcome to the MainlyTannoy website. Please note TIME AWAY at top of page. We are not Amazon Prime, we are a small family business, we ship when home usually next day, but always within 3 days, unless there is a manufacturing lead time. We usually are home for 2 weeks or so, then away 1-2 weeks or so. Thanks for visiting.

Experts in Tannoy, foam surrounds, new crossovers, spare parts, servicing in vintage Tannoys, 50s to 90s, Silvers / Reds / Golds / HPD / K Series (25xx 31xx 38xx models), and many other models (ASK), we sell cones, surrounds, HFs, tweeters, spare parts, grill cloth, sockets, plugs, glue. Also, we sell our own designed MASTRAD Electronics crossovers, plus our amazing pure copper MASTRAD AUDIO vintage speaker cables. Our amazing superior 4 pins speaker plugs are world beating, totally designed by us !! So there you go. Tannoy Speakers Lockwood Parts Mastrad Electronics Mastrad Audio Logos