Guide choosing a Tannoy crossover Red, Silver, Gold, HPD & K Series

This is what we do .. (if you need something else, please ask).

Several options .. serviced / refurbished or new.

We can usually service your existing from £110 plus return postage.  Maybe not practicable if distance an issue. Massive improvement over the old caps.

Next is new.  We make many types … they are all very good, it’s a matter of cost, all a pair.  They do not use any of the old controls.  Some have jumper links for treble cut, standard & boost, like roll on / off.  

We also offer Vari-treble option, with external pot.

They come “no wires with terminal blocks”, "wires only no plugs” and “wires with new 4 pin plugs” .. All priced a pair.

Simply, these listed here from cost low to high.  Even our cheapest A Series are great, sold over 700 pairs.  We manufacture for Lockwood Loudspeakers, yes the original Abbey Road monitors, Beatles, Pink Floyd etc, and many Japanese customers.

You need to decide:   1) how much you want to spend.  2) capacitor type, new modern or old vintage PIO (Paper in Oil)  3) mechanical format, so open PCB type, handmade without PCB, or handmade mounted in vintage grey box style (GB Series).

I suggest the A or VS Clarity ESA …. but I love the Russian PIO (Paper in Oil) versions. For looks as wells as sound we have the GB (Grey Box series), both with PIO & regular caps, plus hard made crossovers no PCB.

The others, I make for those who “must have” more and better expensive models.

The lowest cost A Series from about £200.

then VS Clarity ESA

Then Vintage Russian PIO.

then VS Jantzen Z Cap

then VS Clarity MR ...

And finally PIO Paper in Oil (non-PCB version) vintage NOS capacitors versions .. from £595 varies .. For Silvers, Reds, HPD & Golds, also possible K series 25cc 231xx 38xx