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About Us

We have been working with Tannoy products since the 70s, what is now MainlyTannoy. We have worked in fine audio applications, studio speakers, Public Address (PA), churches, theatres etc, our background is the electronics business for more than 30 years, making products for many well known companies, like Naim Audio, Lockwood Loudspeakers, Snell, BBC, BT. We have four staff, some full time, some part time, 2 generations are involved in the business. We have supplied more than 1000 pairs of crossovers since 2005. Almost all the published data has errors and we have all the values corrected, getting support directly from Tannoy in Scotland themselves. MainlyTannoy specialise in spare parts for Tannoy speakers, speaker crossovers, grill cloth, foam surrounds & new build 4 pin plugs.