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2 TANNOY aluminium HF / Tweeter 7900-0105 7900-0205 spacer rings, for Red Gold HPD

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2 TANNOY aluminium HF / Tweeter 7900-0105 7900-0205 spacer rings, for Red Gold HPD

Order qty 1 = you get 2 spacers (pic 1 &2)

Apologies price, I had a small run done locally, not in China.

 Here we have some approx 0.9mm TANNOY aluminium HF / Tweeter / spacer rings, non magnetic, used to space the HF diaphragm / tweeter to raise the mount height, often needed when adjusting and existing or fitting a new HFs. Usually, Tannoy use a paper gaskets (pic 3), typically 0.1 to 0.3mm thick, often you need 5 or more to correctly set up an HF.  

You can use a mix of these new rings plus use some of the thinner Tannoy rings, to make just the right height. This spacer is made of aluminium ring, approx 0.9mm thick, outer dia 85mm, inner dia 67mm, so drops right into the recess.  (FYI - The spacer ring on the 7900-0105 is 88mm x 67mm).

Effectively, this replaces the paper gaskets when needed. I have cut my own paper gaskets, takes ages and fiddly and not very good. Also I have found customers, who found there HFs were dull, all they needed was adjustment, usually the coils are too tight in the gap, raised a little, all sorted.

The magnet is very strong, its not a problem at all, if raised a little. I was recently fitting some new HFs to 3LZs, and the coils totally bottomed out, would not even play, I used 2 rings, all was OK, in fact brilliant.

 Additional problems that can be solved, is the hole, the coil sits in, varies in depth, making some HFs “bottom out”.  Another issue is the coil height, differs depends on the build (see pic 3 & 4), so new HFs need to be mounted higher.

 There are 2 types Tannoy HFs, type 7900-0205 for Silver, Reds, Golds & HPDs and a later type 7900-0105 for use with K series 25xx 31xx 38xx (with different bigger additional aluminium spacer). 

This new spacer we offer is different to the one fitted to the 7900-0105.