Legendary & rarely available TANNOY Windsor speakers [up-graded HPD Gold Alnico]

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Legendary & rarely available TANNOY Windsor speakers [up-graded HPD Gold Alnico]

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Legendary & rarely available, TANNOY Windsor speakers [totally up-graded with HPD & Alnico], baby brother to Buckingham monitors, I actually prefer these, the Buckinghams are just too big.  Almost everyone, either does not know these speakers, or misunderstands them.

Why ?  There were very dear when new, so few sold.

Mostly bought by recording studios.

 Here we have a unique very fine pair of upgraded 80s Windsor speakers, the standard Windsor’s have fine drivers, the 10” 25xx, & 12” 31xx family (non Alnico), this pair has been fitted with a 10” Alnico HPD295 for the mid & tweeter, and a 12” Alnico HPD315 for the bass, tweeter removed.

Serial number of these matched pairs.

The 10" HP295, 202362 / 202371

The 12" HPD315, 503646 / 503652.

So very closed match drivers. The sound is truly amazing.

 IMPORTANT ..  Spare foams, cones, coils, cone are readily available, in case need in the future.  All 4 drivers have nice cones.

The 10” drivers had new cones & foam fitted a few years and in great shape.

The 12” is an original cone with new foam just fitted. The rather ugly U channel mounts, intended for rear mount, have been removed, and replace by a quality neoprene foam strip, overall a much more neat look, especially if intend to use with grills off.

 They come with our own very fine, best available, Mk3 VS Series Clarity ESA crossovers,  with very superior 4 pin Golds connection plugs.

New “Peat” grill cloth just fitted, lovely. Just restored genuine Tannoy aluminium badges.  The cabinets are in fair condition, few marks, ½ a day should put them right, see last 3 pics a typical examples of minor damage.

Personally, I would veneer in light oak or teak.

Finally, both cabinets have been fitted with 4 casters, for easy use.

A very unique opportunity.

If you want to view & listen before you bid, give me a call 07836 794451