New pair TANNOY "VS Series" System 15 DMT DMT15 Mk1 Mk2 crossover crossovers

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New pair TANNOY "VS Series" System 15 DMT DMT15 Mk1 Mk2 crossover crossovers

Firstly, apologies, we have many crossovers for sale, we sold over 1000 pairs so far, for many models, from under £200 to over £1000, from great new caps types, to PIO (Paper in Oil) vintage caps, hand made to top quality PCB types, so, if you are confused, please read this link.

We are the No 1 provider in the world of new Tannoy crossover solutions.

Firstly, if you have an original pair of DMT crossovers, they were pretty good, I suggest just upgrade the caps, these crossovers are aimed at people on new builds or lost, damaged crossovers.

New pair TANNOY "VS Series", VS = VERY SPECIAL & VERY SUPERIOR series.
Specially for System 15 DMT Mk1 Mk2 crossover crossovers.
(We also make for System 12, System 215, FSM215).


For System 15 DMT (Mk1 or Mk2 - discuss).  We can follow Mk1 or Mk 2 or hybrid version (recommended).

INPUT / OUTPUT OPTIONS - nothing, terminal blocks, wires i/p, o/p wires with spades.

CAPACITOR with Clarity ESA Caps in HF, Jantzen Cross Caps in LF.  (Or discuss your needs, cap choice etc).

HF OPTIONS.  1) fixed on level.  2) as per original, jumper links "level", "boost +1.5dB, "cut -1.5dB"  3) Vari-treble (pot adjustment).

LF inductor - Jantzen Air core 1.2mm wire.

All resistors Jantzen wire wound 10, 15, 20 watt as appropriate..

These do not connect to any external controls.

Any questions, ASK.


Specifically designed for: System 15 DMT

The Mk3 version:

Bigger size - allows room for more & different components, bigger inductors, bigger capacitors (old was 150 x 150mm, new is 150 x 250mm).

Better gold plated tracks on 2oz copper.  Military grade PCBs.

Link jumpers - for treble standard, cut & boost.  Link 2, 3 & 4 – these adjust the HF "level", "boost +1.5dB, "cut -1.5dB"

Track design - gold plated tracks on 2oz copper, design to replicated point to point wiring, using a high grade 1.6mm FR4 (high grade flame retardant) printed circuit board, track layout designed with the “star” earthing principle, with 2 separate isolated independent circuits, one for HF, one for LF.

Mounting – conveniently provided with 6 black grommets are provided as mounting “spacers”, along with 6 suitable screws. 

The sound - Your speakers will be just that bit fresher and brighter, customer’s say they just sound better. 

Based closely on the Tannoy circuits, with a few tweaks.  

Use as an upgrade over the Tannoy standard crossovers, or replacement if yours is missing or faulty.  

Full frequency tested with from 10 to 30kHz. 

Input cables – (if ordered) set up 4 wire bi-amp (OK for standard 2 wires use also). For regular 2 wire input, just connect 2 reds and 2 black together.

There are 2 separate isolated circuits, one for HF and one for LF, then 4 input cables are provided will be quality copper 1.0mm sq also.  

Output cables - (if ordered) supplied with 4 output cables (2 for LF, 2 for HF), 

1 metre (longer on request) with quality copper 1.0mm sq wire, with 1/4" spades.

Cable options - no wires at all, terminal blocks, wires & spades, any combination of.