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New TANNOY Lockwood Gold HPD tweeters 7900-0105 7900-0205 7900 0105 0205

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New TANNOY Lockwood Gold HPD tweeters

7900-0105 & 7900-0205 (with x2 extra Ali rings)

Simply .. this fits all Tannoys from Silver, Reds, Golds, HPDs, K Series (25xx 31xx 38xx), because can be ordered with universal spacer kit. Tannoys last production run was late 2017, we had that delivery.

So finally available again we have new genuine HFs, important correct ohms, usually between 9 and 10 ohm, if you order a pair, I will match as close as possible, FYI - over the 70 years of production, ohms varied from 8 to 11, new production of replacement Tannoy / Lockwood HFs / diaphragms.

Replacement for 7900-0205 & 7900-0105.  Lockwood “logo & stamped”.

Official & correct Lockwood part number 7900-0205L.

Fully approved by Lockwood Loudspeakers (established in 1930) & MainlyTannoy (established in 1973).

One type fits all … because we offer “spacer kit”.  

So choose “without” or “with” spacer kit, Includes two 0.9mm aluminium spacers.

Can be bought separately, if needed.

Why spacers ?

It’s slightly complicated. Coil depth varies over production.  Early Silver & Reds & some Golds have short coils.  Hole depth where coil goes also varied over production. K series (25xx 31xx 38xx, ALWAYS need spacers, usually x2 per HF).

 The ali ring you see on the HF, IS NOT the ali ring on old 7900-0105.

What you see is 7900-0205, the ali ring is part of production.

Add 2 separate extra ali rings = 7900-0105

If in doubt, order with ali rings.

 A general rule.  Silvers & Reds nearly always need spacers.  Golds vary .. early Golds often need spacers.  Late Golds usually don’t.  Many 3LZ usually need spacers, but not all.  HPDs usually don’t need spacers.  K series, always needs 2 spacers.  Plus you can use the paper gaskets you already have.

Each & every one is 100% tested in the UK prior to dis-patch. Test stamp applied, unique serial number applied to prevent fraud. If it's supplied by MainlyTannoy, is going to be top spec.

Shipping options.  Royal Mail, tracked, insured to full value, customs papers set low  so usually no import duties, post UK typically 3-5 days, Europe 1 to 3 weeks, Rest of World 3 to 6 weeks  (Covid is adding delays).

Or UPS, faster possible import duties, can set customs low = insured cost AT YOUR RISK.