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Pair of superior [upgraded] speaker crossover TANNOY FSM FSM-U Jantzen & Clarity

Regular price £425.00

Pair of superior [upgrade] speaker crossovers for TANNOY "Fine Studio Monitors" FSM FSM-U.

The rare FSM / FSM-U ("Fine Studio Monitors"), only 250 pairs ever made. It uses the two 15" drivers, the 3809 dual concentric, the 3849 bottom bass driver. .

Now the original crossover is complete mess, ugly, cheap parts (see pics 10&11),band the circuit is just wrong, not the best !!!

So we can offer many solutions (ASK if you what different).

This listing is our improved & corrected circuit.

Fitted vari-treble [recommended], standard is PCB mount  .. or on loom / fly wires, or we can do fix HF, or jumper link options (level / cut / boost), discuss.

Air core inductors (we can do iron core .. at lower cost)

You get Clarity ESA caps in HF, Jantzen Cross Caps in LF

Please ask for different cap options, there are many very large 20-40uF caps in these crossovers, and if using Clarity MR, become crazy expensive, and just not needed in the bass / LF section.  But please discuss you wishes & requirements.

We can do what you want ... ASK.

Connections ... We don't have the 4 pin straight speaker chassis speaker plugs, so re-use your old.  So choose i/p & o/p wires, or i/p & o/p terminal blocks, terminal blocks.