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Pair TANNOY (2017 onwards) Kensington GR speaker crossovers

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Pair TANNOY (2017 onwards) Kensington GR speaker crossovers, this time, Tannoy's really good effort, with Alnico magnets, correct proper pepper pot HF, pretty much as HPD driver, I have a pair, really very good. Design might vary to pics slightly, as been refining.

Aimed at customers who have drivers but no crossovers, many about from the Tannoy Scotland factory closure a few years ago. 

The specification choose:

A Series, Jantzen Cross Caps, iron core LF,  i/p wires, o/p wires, 6.3mm, 1/4 inch spades on o/p.


Clarity ESA caps i/p wires, o/p wires, 6.3mm, 1/4 inch spades on o/p. 

Plus ... Fixed HF, jumper link HF or Vari-Treble options.

Correct reverse tweeter.

We are the No 1 provider in the world of new Tannoy crossover solutions.

We keep being asked this question.  This is so important, we sell the only CORRECT point to point PCB track wiringopen visible tracks, no solder resist, with space between tracks, correct audio design, its like hand wiring. For that reason alone there is no comparison, we make the finest crossovers available anywhere.