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Pair TANNOY Legacy Arden crossovers with Clarity ESA caps

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Pair TANNOY Legacy Arden crossovers with Clarity ESA caps (for current models 2017 onwards, not for 1980s HPD295/315/385).

We can make for the 10" Eaton, 12" Cheviot & 15" Arden.  Based on our Mk3 black PCB.

Other capacitor options .. ASK.

Aimed at customers who have drivers but no crossovers, many about from the Tannoy Scotland factory closure a few years ago. 

(The new standard Tannoy crossover in the Legacy, is an over complicated mess, with silly controls, poor capacitors, cheap inductors .. it can be improved at lot with new caps & new inductors, do it yourself,  or we can do .. ASK).

We are the No 1 provider in the world of new Tannoy crossover solutions.


We keep being asked this question.  This is so important, we sell the only CORRECT point to point PCB track wiringopen visible tracks, no solder resist, with space between tracks, correct audio design, its like hand wiring. For that reason alone there is no comparison, we make the finest crossovers available anywhere.


Three designs for the new Tannoy Legacy Eaton, Cheviot & Arden series.

Supplied with i/p wires, o/p wires (with 1/4" 6.3mm spades ON REQUEST).

Air core inductors, Clarity ESA cap (others available on request).

Treble adjust (can be PCB or on fly wires / loom). Correct tweeter reversal.