Pair vintage NOS speaker cable / wire 1.5mm² 2.5mm² pure copper ideal TANNOY (with quality DELTRON silver plated 4mm plugs).

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Here we have for sale MASTRAD AUDIO SPEAKER CABLES. Handmade in the UK with NOS (New Old Stock) Grey Vintage Speaker Cable, pure high quality vintage multi-strand solid copper wire, genuine NOS, outer grey sheath is without screen printing / writing totally, all new cables always carry spec, rating, batch codes etc.

This listing is with Deltron 4mm silver plated top quality 4mm banana plugs (see other listing for bare wires).


Qty 1 = one PAIR, each 1 metre long. 

Qty 2 = one PAIR, each 2 metre long. 

Qty 3 = one PAIR, each 3 metre long etc.

You will not be dis-appointed, these are great cables.

Choose CSA 1.5mm² 15A 60V (42 strands / 0.2mm), usually grey,


CSA 2.5mm² 20A 60V (79 strands / 0.2mm), grey (very low stock) or white, if colour import ASK first.

We prefer the CSA 1.5mm², unless long runs, more than adequate. 

We have tested many speaker cables over the years, most “fancy” types are simply over priced, we have had best success with quality vintage solid copper (what we use in our crossovers), I would say as good as any “silly over priced cables”, but more importantly, actually sound better, ideal valve & transistor amplifiers, especially with vintage amplifiers, PIO caps and valve & transistor amps.

We have been supplying these in limited numbers to existing private customers, & specialist sales channels in S Korea, Japan & Far East, but now secured recently, a quantity of vintage speaker wire from a factory clearance.