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One Size 2 (choose 1 or 2 fixing pins) TANNOY lightning badges logo emblem (Type N)

Regular price £30.00

One Size 2 TANNOY lightning badge logo emblem type N.

Qty 1 = one badge, qty 2 = a pair.

We have 2 types, TYPE O = original, slightly more gold colour. And TYPE N =. newer type, slightly less gold colour, just a little squarer & more modern, still keeping the look. Type N is quite rare, because they were only use for a short while, before they changed to round 1" brass badges.

Grade A = MINT and 95% perfect.  These are Genuine guaranteed unused original 1970 stock, NOT COPIES, NOT FAKES.  I have been supplying these for years. I bought all the factory stock = these are genuine.

There are 4 sizes of Tannoy badge.

Size 1 = word Tannoy is 34mm, total size 55mm, 2 pins 45mm apart.

Size 2 = word Tannoy is 50mm, total size 79mm, 2 pins 66mm apart.

Size 3 = word Tannoy is 67mm, total size 105mm, 3 pins 45mm apart.

Size 4 = word Tannoy is 83mm, total size 130mm, 3 pins 55mm apart.

(all dimensions approx).