GB Heritage (with vintage Dubilier PIO Paper in Oil) for Silvers & Reds TANNOY speaker crossovers

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GB Heritage TANNOY speaker crossovers, vintage Dubilier PIO Paper in Oil, 3LZ 111LZ LSU/HF/12/L LSU/HF/15/L Silver Red

Firstly, apologies, we have many crossovers for sale, we sold over 1000 pairs so far, for many models, from under £200 to over £800, from great new caps types, to PIO (Paper in Oil) vintage caps, hand made to top quality PCB types, so, if you are confused, please read this link.

We are the No 1 provider in the world of new Tannoy crossover solutions.


This listing is for our NEW GB “Heritage” series, especially for Blacks, Reds and Silvers, LSU/HF/3LZ, LSU/HF/12.L, LSU/HF/15.L etc, hand made, with a mixture of new and NOS (new old stock) best of both worlds, principally using New Old Stock PIO Paper in Oil Dubilier Nitrogol capacitors, externally some paint-wise are mint, some are less mint, scratches etc, some have restored paint, but all are NOS (New Old Stock), so paint condition varies, but fully tested.  

To produce a very most excellent warm vintage sound. An almost exact replacement for old crossovers, maybe you never had any, maybe yours are faulty.

We will only make a few pairs, as supply of Dubilier caps is limited.

3kHz "notch" - Early Tannoy Silvers & Reds and had simpler crossovers (than later Golds & HPDs) and had NO notch filter, these have notch filter with switchable internal link.  Supplied with "loose" bottom plates, so you can switch the notch in/out with link.  Bottom cover plates can be fixed with a little glue, or left loose and clamped tight on install.

The sound - Your speakers will be just that bit fresher and brighter, customer’s say a vail is removed with these, especially over the old the models having the roll on / roll off switches.  Based closely on the Tannoy circuits, with a few tweaks.   Use as an upgrade over the Tannoy standard crossovers, or replacement if yours is missing or faulty.  You get an improvement at all frequencies, the bass is less woolly, mids are clearer and the hi much brighter.

Full frequency tested with from 10 to 30kHz. 

Input cables – set up for standard 2 wires use (for 4 wire bi-amp possible, ask).

Output cables - supplied with 4 output cables (2 for LF, 2 for HF), 1 metre (longer on request) with quality copper 1.0mm sq wire and our own designed very superior new Gold plated aircraft grade speaker plugs.

We offer the only FULLY FINISHED “plug and play” crossovers, complete with input wires and output cables with new very superior 4 pin Gold plugs. 


We have followed the Tannoy circuit exactly (with errors corrected), tweaks added. Of course we can make whatever you need. ASK.

Hand built, by ex MOD trained wireman, with point to point wiring, made to offer the best possible top quality vintage sound.


The HF section - where the capacitors are “in series”, so the sound actually flows through the them, this is where its important to have top grade PIO (Paper in Oil) capacitors, so we uses NOS (New Old Stock) top Military grade MPE Ltd, DUBILIER, Cornell, PLESSEY, TCC VISCONOL capacitors, “Nitrogol” oil & paper, full tested and wonderful, with quality low inductance, wire wound resistors.

The 3kHz notch filter uses a CLARITY ESA capacitor. 

The LF section – we use quality JANTZEN 4mH air core inductor 1.0mm wire. We have used a new quality CLARITY ESA 18uF capacitor, given it’s a parallel part (ie: not a series part where the music flows), and if difficult to find suitable 18uF oil & paper caps, it’s a great & better solution.

Obviously the capacitors will be used at low voltage, and are NOS, not stressed, not used and not worn out, we have powered up slowing and conditioned each one for 24 hours, to ensure superb operation.

Input wires - included (2 wires, standard set up).  For bi-amp ASK.

Output wires / 4 pin plugs. NOS tin plugs (request) or our own superior gold plate versions (standard).

About the new 4 pin gold plated plugs.  An immense amount of time and tooling cost has been involved.  These fit the old Tannoy tin plated sockets, they are good fit, they take up the slack in loose old sockets as the new pins are spring loaded.  Made with FR4 1.6mm pcb’s, heavy 1oz copper with thick gold plated (military / aircraft).  The old plugs and sockets had a solid pin and the old socket was only slightly spring loaded. The new plugs, the pins we use are VERY HIGH quality, military / aircraft grade, nothing finer.

 The 3kHz HF “notch” filter (internally switchable). Tannoy “Silver” & “Reds” as they are known, had very simple but very good crossovers, and there was a “honk” at about 3kHz. Many customers replacing old “grey box” crossovers for Silver and Reds, got to like these extra 3kHz frequencies, so they can choose to “have them” or not.

Common questions answered ?
Yes, our crossovers are the best available, no doubt.  Our lowest cost is £160 a pair, no wires, no 4 pin plugs .. IMPORTANT if you are comparing prices.
We also offer all the way to 
fully plug and play, hard wired input wires, hard wired output wires with wonderful 4 pin plugs.  (When ordered, the 4 pin plugs are £26 each, £52 a pair alone !!).

The old crossover issues.
The old crossovers never had the best capacitors, but that was all there was then, plus they are 40 to 50 years old and worn out, plus all the silly thin tracks,
thin wires and silly switches that oxidise, so the upgrade is VERY noticeable. 
You get an improvement at all frequencies, the bass is less woolly, mids are clearer and the hi's much brighter.
The only PLUG & PLAY.
We offer the only FULLY FINISHED “plug and play” crossovers complete with input wires and output cables with new very superior 4 pin Gold plugs. (If you order that version).