[Up-Grade] TANNOY speaker crossover "Vari-treble" HF mid treble variable adjust

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[Up-Grade] TANNOY speaker crossover "Vari-treble" HF mid treble variable adjust

Qty 1 = one.  For a pair of XOs = order qty 2.

THIS IS NOT A CROSSOVER .. JUST AN ADDITIONAL OPTION. L pad, variable pot, potentiometer.  Our A series crossovers & VS series come with jumper links.  They have a UNIQUE easy to use link jumpers ROLL ON / ROLL OFF - for treble standard, cut & boost.

This listing is an [Up-grade] to a variable control. You still get the (link 1) 25/50 ohm link, and (link 4) 3kHz "notch" on/off.  We replace links 2 & 3 & resistors (treble standard = 30 ohm, cut = 50 ohm & boost = 20 ohm), to a zero to 50 ohm control, 5 watt, wire wound, quality item.

The white line, on the black knob = 30 ohm = treble standard, so you have a reference.

It can be supplier with a loom so can be mounted on the rear / front of you cabinet, standard is PCB mount - ASK.

So order your crossovers from another listing, any type with our Mk3 black PCB, and you can add this.