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Pair VS Clarity MR speaker crossover crossovers TANNOY Silver Red Gold HPD K series 25xx 31xx 38xx

Regular price £840.00

Pair VS Clarity MR speaker crossover crossovers TANNOY Silver Red Gold HPD K Series 24xx 31xx 38xx

Firstly, apologies, we have many crossovers for sale, we sold over 1000 pairs so far, for many models, from under £200 to over £1000, from great new caps types, to PIO (Paper in Oil) vintage caps, hand made to top quality PCB types, so, if you are confused, please read this link.

We are the No 1 provider in the world of new Tannoy crossover solutions.


The all new Mk3 A series Tannoy Speaker Crossover, follows on for the very successful Mk1 & Mk2, new bigger size 150 x 250mm, allows bigger components.

They do not use any of the old controls.  This model has  UNIQUE easy to use jumpers links for treble cut, standard & boost, similar to roll on / off. (See full below details Link 1/2/3/4 in grey text).

We also offer Vari-treble option, with internal or external pot, on most models. Many fit rear or front panel.

Let me know your model and cabinet when ordering.

Full specification below.

We can make for:
Silvers, Reds, LSU/HF/12/L, LSU/HF/15/L, 3LZ, 111LZ, 
Golds LSU/HF/12/8, LSU/HF/15/8, LSU/HF/111LZ/8
HPD295, HPD315, HPD385.
K series 31xx 25xx 38xx

We do have round 4 pins for Silvers, Reds, Golds & HPDs.
We DO NOT have the 4 pin straight speaker plugs for K series 25xx 31xx 38xx, re-use your old, order A Series (i/p wires & o/p terminal blocks).
Occasionally we do have 4 pin straight plugs, ask.

We keep being asked this question.  This is so important, we sell the only CORRECT point to point PCB track wiringopen visible tracks, no solder resist, with space between tracks, correct audio design, its like hand wiring. For that reason alone there is no comparison, we make the finest crossovers available anywhere.

So what’s new in the Mk3 ??
1) Bigger PCB size - allows room for more & different components, bigger inductors, allows bigger capacitors (old was 150 x 150mm, new is 150 x 250mm).
2) Better gold plated tracks on 2oz copper.  Military grade PCBs.
UNIQUE easy to use link jumpers ROLL ON / ROLL OFF - for treble standard, cut & boost, better than original as you have flat, cut & boost, (all models).
3) Link jumper for 3kHz notch on/off (for Reds & Silvers when needed).
4) Jumper link for 25 / 50 ohm link option (all models).

Who are MainlyTannoy ?
We have been working with Tannoy products since 1973, PA, install, churches, theatre etc.  I have been in the electronics business for more than 30 years, making products for many well known companies, like Naim Audio, Snell, BBC, BT.  We have supplied more than 1000 crossovers to date, over 8 years. 

Almost all the published data has errors and we have all the values correct,
getting support directly from Tannoy in Scotland themselves. We usually follow the Tannoy circuits, errors corrected, with tweaks & improvements. If you want something else, please ask.

Common questions answered ?
Yes, our crossovers are the best available, no doubt.
Our lowest cost is £160 a pair, no wires, no 4 pin plugs .. IMPORTANT if you are comparing prices.
We also offer all the way to fully plug and play, hard wired input wires, hard wired output wires with wonderful 4 pin plugs.

(When ordered, the 4 pin plugs are £26 each, £52 a pair alone !!).
Of course, any more questions welcome.

The old crossover issues.
The old crossovers never had the best capacitors, but that was all there was then, plus they are 40 to 50 years old and worn out, plus all the silly thin tracks,
thin wires and silly switches that oxidise, so the upgrade is VERY noticeable. 
You get an improvement at all frequencies, the bass is less woolly, mids are clearer and the hi's much brighter.
The only PLUG & PLAY.
We offer the only FULLY FINISHED “plug and play” crossovers complete with input wires and output cables with new very superior 4 pin Gold plugs. (If you order that version).

Specifically designed for:
“Silver” & “Reds” LSU/HF/12/L, LSU/HF/15/L, 3LZ, 111LZ
“Golds” LSU/HF/12/8, LSU/HF/15/8, LSU/HF/111LZ/8
HPD295, HPD315, HPD385
K series 31xx 25xx 38xx

The Mk3 version:
Bigger size - allows room for more & different components, bigger inductors, bigger capacitors (old was 150 x 150mm, new is 150 x 250mm).
Better gold plated tracks on 2oz copper.  Military grade PCBs.
Link jumpers - for treble standard, cut & boost, bit like old Tannoy roll on / roll off (all models).
Link jumper for 3kHz notch on/off (for Reds & Silvers when needed).
Jumper link for 25 / 50 ohm link option (all models).

Capacitors - as per title is what is fitted (we use Jantzen Cross caps (black), Clarity ESA, Jantzen Z Cap Superior, Clarity MR.

Inductors - A series use iron core, VS series use air core for main LF inductor.

Resistors - we use quality low inductance, wire wound resistor, some are green, some are white).

Link 1 – there is a parallel resistor after the main HF inductor, some say it should be 25 ohms, some say 50 ohms, Tannoy Scotland say 50 ohm.  TIP .. our view is 50 ohm is best, but feel free to fiddle and you decide.  If you have no idea .. stick to the 50 ohm setting.  It makes little difference.
Link 2 & 3 – these adjust the HF .. complicated but simply .. in most cases standard mode (=30 ohm) is best.  We call this “STANDARD LEVEL MODE”.  Choices are for “BOOST” & “CUT”.  There are links for this.  Why ??  For enhanced cabinets like horn loaded GRF, where extra bass is produced, you can boost the treble to balance.
Treble cut mode – jumper link on B & D.
Standard mode – jumper link on A & D.
Treble boost - jumper links on A & C.

Link 4 “3kHz notch “honk” filter”  – Tannoy “Silver” & “Reds” as the are known, had very simple crossovers, and there was a “honk” at about 3kHz.  This link switches in or out the “3kHz honk filter”.  Many customers replacing old “grey box” crossovers for Silver and Reds, got to like these extra 3kHz frequencies, so they can choose to “have them” or not.  TIP in most circumstances, we suggest “3kHz on” is best.
Let me know your model and cabinet when ordering.
Track design - gold plated tracks on 2oz copper, using a high grade 1.6mm FR4 (high grade flame retardant) printed circuit board, track layout designed with the “star” earthing principle, with 2 separate isolated independent circuits, one for HF, one for LF.

Mounting – conveniently provided with 6 black grommets are provided as mounting “spacers”, along with 6 suitable screws.

The sound - Your speakers will be just that bit fresher and brighter, customer’s say a vail is removed with these, especially over the old the models having the roll on / roll off switches.  Based closely on the Tannoy circuits, with a few tweaks.

Use as an upgrade over the Tannoy standard crossovers with the switches, 
or replacement if yours is missing or faulty.  Full frequency tested with from 10 to 30kHz.

Input cables – (if ordered) set up for standard 2 wires use, also for 4 wire bi-amp. There are 2 separate isolated circuits, one for HF and one for LF, then 4 input cables are provided will be quality copper 1.0mm sq also.  
For regular 2 wire input, just connect 2 reds and 2 black together.
Output cables - (if ordered) supplied with 4 output cables (2 for LF, 2 for HF), 
1 metre (longer on request) with quality copper 1.0mm sq wire 
and our own designed very superior new Gold plated aircraft grade speaker plugs.

Cable options:
1) no wires at all, i/p & o/p terminal blocks
2) i/p wires o/p terminal blocks
2) i/p & o/p wires (no 4 pin plugs)
3) i/p & o/p wires with new 4 pin plugs.